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Cal Pacific Specialty Foods, Inc. 



Cal Pacific Specialty Foods is a strawberry processor within the ingredients and food service industry. Cal-Pac processes in two facilities in the Watsonville/Salinas region. The strawberries are obtained directly from Growers and immediately processed into Individually Quick Frozen fruits (IQF’s), block frozen fruits, purees, and concentrates. From there, strawberries are packed and sold to customers of a wide variety. 



As the company continued to grow,  it begin to need a software that could keep up with it's fast paced and high volume operations. The manual procedures for managing processor operations  became a bottleneck and prevented them from being able to efficiently perform company operations like tracking lots consistently across multiple production lines, tracing inventory movement, scheduling dock appointments and more.


Crescent Solutions

Mr. Terry Sebastian turned to Crescent to help resolve these issues in 2012. Crescent first installed Sage 100 ERP and then customized Cal-Pac's Sage software to integrate specific processor features needed for company operations. After the software was implemented, Cal-Pac noticed an immediate difference. The company  found the system generated lot codes to be particularly helpful , as it created consistency across each production line for the first time. 

Simple procedures like capturing production data on the shop-floor were no longer a bottleneck for the company. Losurdo later found the many inventory controls to be quite helpful as well, as they were able to work with inventory counts and location in real time. 


Crescent Software is based on Sage 100 ERP, industry-leading accounting and ERP software Crescent software provides comprehensive solutions for Growers, Packers/Shippers, Manufacturers, Processors and Distributors. Through many years of experience our team has developed a select group of solutions tailored to fit each industry’s specific needs. Crescent designs, develops and implements premier software systems specialized for the Food Industry, with an emphasis on Grower Accounting, Lot Tracking, ‘Field-to-Fork’ traceability, Production Maintenance, Warehouse Automation and Product Costing. Crescent provides software and expertise that can streamline operations from receiving to production to storage to shipping.



Cal-Pacific needed the ability to do all of the following:

  • Fast-paced, high volume production capabilities

  • Lot Control consistency across multiple production lines

  • Lot detials that can be user-defined

  • Single point of entry integration with the company's ERP system

  • Real-time inventory movement and traceability

  • Pickup & Delivery Dock Appointment scheduling



Here are just some of the solutions Crescent provided them:

  • Capture production data on the shop-floor as product comes off the line

  • Lot codes are system-generated, by location, by shift, by time-period. Lot codes are consistent across production lines

  • Lot detials are captured from the production floor according to user-defined criteria

  • Inventory can be transferred from location to location in real-time using barcode and scanning technology

  • Inventory and prodution transactions are verified within the ERP system and posted to the ERP system in real time or near real-time

Cal Pacific Case Study

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