Field Traceability

  • Record Field ID and related information as product is received

  • Pass that information through production to the packed product

  • Easily retrieve Lot Sales  History for recall


Product Receiving

  • Automatic Labeling of Received Product

  • Entry via handheld computers


Shipping Management

  • Scan Shipments

  • Dock Management

  •  No-Show Reporting

  •  Automated shipping notifications


  • Automated Holdover Calculation

  • Estimated Inventory Reporting

  • Multiple Location Tracking

  • Extended Lot Criteria Reporting


Barcode Labeling

  • Receipts

  • Produced Product

  • Bulk Shipping (Calculates Tare & Net Weight


Shipping Entry Screen

Crescent Software

Buyer / Grower P/O Entry Screen

Packer / Shipper Management


Based on Sage Software, an industry-leader in Enterprise management and accounting software, the Grower/Packer management software provides streamlined operational processes that utilize barcode scanning technology that seamlessly feed invoicing and grower accounting systems. With a ‘more than just software’ approach, ICS brings in-depth knowledge of the highly demanding agricultural distribution environment.

Crescent Software

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Crescent Solutions

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  • Production Staging

  •  Production Entry

  • Production Run  Maintenance

  • Pack Out Reporting

  •  Automated Labeling for Inventory



  • Pack-Out

  • Field Traceability

  • Product Receiving

  • Shipping Management

  • Inventory Control

  • Barcode Labeling



Crescent is a custom line of food based accounting and ERP solutions tailored for Growers, Packer/Shippers, Manufacturer/Processors, and Distributors. What sets Crescent software apart is its unique set of custom features customized to suite each industry's specific needs. Not only that but Crescent software streamlines operations from shipping to receiving. Take a deeper look at our line of custom Food Management solutions. 

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