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Sage Summit 2016

What is Sage Summit 2016?

Sage Summit 2016 is the largest networking opportunity for small and medium businesses in the Sage 100 community. During this conference you can expect to learn, network, and engage with all aspects of the business world that can, in turn, help you run a successful business.

Do I have to be affiliated with Sage products to participate?

No, Sage Summit is open to every individual who wishes to improve and grow their business. Sage Summit has traditionally been attended by a diverse group of industries from all over the world with varying knowledge and understanding of the software. Attendees consist of business owners, executives, managers, IT personnel, merchants, HR professionals, and many more from a variety of different industries.

What can I expect to gain from Sage Summit?

You can expect to gain so much valuable and useful information for running a lucrative business from the Sage Summit 2016 conference. This conference will provide the opportunity for you to network with like-minded individuals, gain insightful knowledge, and be inspired to find success and conquer your business. Since Sage Summit is one of the largest conferences in the world for small and medium sized businesses, you will have the opportunity to meet all types of business owners in your industry and other industries, in addition to meeting various software providers (like HighJump). You can also look to gain knowledge and inspiration from learning about new technology that could help you improve efficiencies or productivity, how successful entrepreneurs got their business off the ground, and how you can apply all the information you learned at Sage Summit to your business.

When and where is Sage Summit 2016?

Sage Summit 2016 will take place in Chicago, IL on July 26, 2016 and will continue for three days until July 28, 2016.

What is the Agenda for this Year’s Show?

Click here for a full agenda of this year’s show. The three days will consist of keynote speakers and entrepreneurs who have found success in running their businesses. They will share with you their business experience and give you insights on solutions that could help you solve key business challenges you may be facing. There will also be active sessions exposing you to the show floor, which will consist of networking with Sage Summit sponsors, other attendees, and watching interactive demonstrations.

How can I register?

Registration can be completed on the Sage Summit website at

What is the Registration Fee and Possible Discounts?

There is a registration fee, but an early bird registration is currently available for $199 to customers who wish to get a discount on their registration to Sage Summit 2016. The early bird special started on March 8, 2016 and will continue through March 31, 2016. After March 31st, registration fees will go up; however the increased price for registration is unknown at this time. If you plan on registering after March 31st, be sure to check the Sage Summit website for regular registration pricing.

Also, don’t forget to book your hotel if you’re coming from out of state or the country to attend the conference! Sage Summit is offering attendees discount pricing on certain hotels in the area to make your stay easier and more affordable. Be sure to reserve your accommodations during your online registration process to ensure discounted hotel packages. For more information on Sage Summit hotel discounts, see their Hotel FAQ.

**Sage also plans to provide discounted airfare for attendees, but current discounts are pending. Be sure to check back on the Sage Summit website for updated airfare pricing**

Where can I find more information?

You can find more information about Sage Summit on their webpage They will provide you with registration information, anticipated keynote speakers, a specific agenda for each day of the conference, and any other information you wish to know.

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