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Crescent Reseller Program

We are proud to provide our partners a solution that will open the door to Sage 100 ERP for food based customers and leads. We saw a need for this solution back in 1995 with our first Food Distribution customer and have since enhanced our solution with each new industry that we took part in. Twenty years later we are now packaging this solution and offering it to Sage resellers to distribute to their food based customers and leads. 

Food Management Software

Crescent Reseller Program Announcement

We are proud to announce the release of our new Crescent Food Management software to Sage resellers. A solution that will open the door to Sage 100 ERP for your food based customers and leads. Previously, companies in food-related businesses wanting to implement Sage 100 ERP had to choose between either purchasing separate ERP software or running their operations outside of Sage ERP...

Crescent Reseller Program Overview:

Our reseller program is broken up into three levels that fit each resellers interest and desired involvement. Find what works for you.

Sage Food Management Software

Crescent Reseller Program Information Sheet:

For a deeper understanding of how this program can work for you, take a look through our list of reseller benefits. 


Sage Food Management Software

Groundbreaking Food Based Software for Sage 100 ERP:

ICS announces the release of Crescent Food Management software for Sage 100 ERP. A solution that will open the Sage 100 ERP door to food based companies for the first time.

Crescent Reseller Program



Crescent is a custom line of food based accounting and ERP solutions tailored for Growers, Packer/Shippers, Manufacturer/Processors, and Distributors. What sets Crescent software apart is its unique set of custom features customized to suite each industry's specific needs. Not only that but Crescent software streamlines operations from shipping to receiving. Take a deeper look at our line of custom Food Management solutions. 

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