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Case Studies

"We saw an immediate impact from day one. As costs would fluctuate, pricing could be controlled without the wild fluctuations inherent in FIFO inventory."

- Cerenzia Foods

Uesugi Farms

Fresh Produce Grower/Packer/Shipper

As the company has grown significantly over the last few years, manual procedures for managing grower operations have become a bottleneck and prevented them from being able to efficiently perform company operations. Crescent presented president, Joe Aiello, with a proper Grower/Packer solution in 2013 and have helped the company reach new levels in efficiency with features like Grower Accounting, Real Time Inventory Control, Specialized Lot Attributes and more.

Losurdo Foods

Food Manufacturer/Processor/Distributor

As the company begin finding it much more difficult to run on their old accounting system, Owner, Michael Losurdo, turned to Crescent to help enhance system operations and efficiency. Crescent not only helped the company maintain a more efficient operation overall but also provided additional features that automated time consuming business processes.

Core Natural

Beverage Manufacturer/Distributor

From it’s debut in  January 2015 the water manufacturer soon gained mass popularity and outgrew it’s QuickBooks accounting software completely. It needed a much more robust ERP solution , in addition to a Manufacturing solution to handle it’s now larger operations.

Cal-Pacific Specialty Foods

Specialty Food Manufacturer

As the company continued to grow, it soon required software that could keep up with its fast paced and high volume operations. Mr. Terry Sebastian turned to Crescent software to help resolve these issues in 2012. After the software was implemented Cal-Pac noticed an immediate impact.

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Over the years Crescent software has supported a variety of different companies across the US. With each new client the solution is tailored to every specific industry and company need. We strive to provide solution that mirror those best practices that set a company apart from its competitors to deliver the optimal efficiency for your company. Take a look at how we've helped each of the following companies achieve their performance goals.

Crescent Food

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