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What is Sage 100c?

Sage 100c is the foundation for connecting your business to provide a better customer experience, increase revenue, and make better business decisions. Sage 100c has the ability to connect your company to the cloud, giving your business access to web and mobile capabilities to confidently run your business. Sales and service people have access to customer information and can invoice customers and collect payments from the field. Procurement has deep visibility into inventory to properly manage stock levels. Invoicing is done electronically and managed by exception. Executives have analytics on all parts of the business, connecting everything with Sage 100c

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Sage 100 iformtin center module

What kind of modules does Sage 100c offer?

Standard Modules

Endorsed Solutions/Add-ons

Sage has added innovative solutions to make running your business so much easier! From an extended paperless solution like DocLink to the Alerts & Workflows module that manages all of your business processes to eliminate silos and bottlenecks, running a business has never been simpler! Take a look at what these added solutions can offer you by clicking on their names below! Contact us if you have any questions or would like to add any of these solutions to your Sage100 module!

          -An added paperless office solution

  • Alerts & Workflows                                                                         -An alert solution that helps you manage inventory (eliminates back orders, out of               stock, silos) and clients

          -Two solutions for added Sage HRMS capabilities such as greater visibility/accessibility of employees                        across your organization, and an experienced Sage representative to help you manage your payroll                          services

  • TrueCommerce (EDI)                                                                       -This cloud-based solution has flexible configuration options to help you maximize                  efficiency and virtually eliminate time-consuming, manual data entry while                            improving your vendor-satisfaction scorecard

Sage Comparison Matrix


Sage 100 vs Quickbooks

Source: Englhard, Rich; "Sage 100 ERP Connect Your Business", March 2014

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