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Food Distribution Management

Food Distribution Software
Food Distribution Software


  • Catch Weight

  • Product Receiving

  • Shipping / Picking

  • Price Change Management

  • Route Scheduling

  • Fuel Surcharge Calculation

  • Dock Appointment Scheduling

  • Integrated Crescent WMS

Based on Sage 100, the Distributor Management software is built to dramatically increase functionality. As is critical to any Food Distribution operations, the Catch Weight Item feature is a cornerstone to this system along with other important functions such as Route Scheduling, Fuel Surcharge Calculations and many more. This system is also designed to work hand-in-hand with Crescent's Warehouse Management System; allowing the Sage 100 user to track by lot, by multi-bin and so much more. 

Comprehensive Distribution Solutions 

Catch Weight

Track Weighted Items in Two Units of Measure

  • Allows costing by weight (LB) and receipts/sales by units (EA, CS, etc.)

  • Establish the number of pieces per case for each item

  • System calculates average weights at each receipt update

  • Set allowable variances by item to prevent errors in shipping

  • Receive individual weights or total weight

Product Receiving

  • Receive individual weight or total weight

  • Verify that individual and total quantities are within the allowable variances


Shipping / Picking

  • Ship individual weights or total weight 

  • Verify that individual and total quantities are within the allowable variance

  • Verify that all catch-weight items have an allowable weight entered

  • Pick by route for more efficient use of warehouse personnel


Price Change Management

  • Capture each cost change during receipt update

  • List all customers who purchase each item changed

  • Apply price changes to selected customers

  • Edit price changes prior to update


Simple Route Scheduling

  • Assign delivery routes and days to customers 

  • Include route information on delivery document

Fuel Surcharge Calculation

  • Set criteria for delivery fuel surcharges 

  • Automatic calculation of fuel surcharges


Dock Appointment Scheduling

  • Schedule all shipments and receipts

  • Print missed appointment reports

  • Pickup/delivery report


Integrated Warehouse Management

  • Multi-bin inventory tracking

  • RF scanning of receipts, shipments, physical count and all warehouse transactions

  • Automated invoicing


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