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Food Management Suite

Crescent offers solutions specific for the food industry in addition to comprehensive warehouse management and shop-floor solutions. Crescent solutions are specifically designed for Growers, Packers, Shippers, Manufacturers, Processors and Distributors. Through many years of experience our team of developers have custom designed a select group of solutions tailored to fit each industry’s specific needs. Our team of developers have spent much time designing, developing and implementing a premier software systems specialized for the food industry, with an emphasis on Lot Tracking, Grower Accounting, ‘Field-to-Fork’ traceability, Production Maintenance, Warehouse Automation and Product Costing. Crescent SCS provides solutions that can streamline operations from receiving to production to storage to shipping. To Learn more give us a call and request a demo today!

Warehouse Management

Crescent WMS adds powerful management and tracking capabilities to Sage 100 business management software.

With Crescent WMS, users can streamline distribution operations from receiving all the way to shipping, utilize multi-bin capabilities, scanning, label printing, cycle counts and much more all in one solution.  solution. 

Grower Management

Built within Sage Software, an industry-leader in Enterprise Resource Planning and accounting software, the Grower Management solution provides all the tools to manage Grower Contracts and Joint-venture production.  Simplifying Grower Invoicing is a central focus in any successful Grower enterprise.  You’ll find the Grower Invoicing process...

Packer/Shipper Management

Based on Sage Software, an industry-leader in Enterprise management and accounting software, the Packer/Shipper Management system provides streamlined operational processes that utilize barcode scanning technology that seamlessly feed invoicing and grower accounting systems. With a ‘more than just software’ approach, Crescent brings in-depth knowledge of the highly demanding agricultural distribution environment.

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Manufacturer/Processor Management

Bill of Materials is the heart of all manufacturing systems and when the product is food, nutraceuticals, or related products, it is no different. However, system functions such as, production in batches, conversion functions and several others are required when working with these types of products. That is why Crescent has developed a solution that works in compliance with these specific functions, to make food manufacturing and processing as simple as possible. Our System is dynamically setup with key system features to allow for the most efficient manufacturing process for your company.

Distributor Management

Crescent's full-featured Distributor Management System is built within Sage 100 software to dramatically  increase functionality. The Catch Weight Item feature is key to any Food Distribution Operations, but that’s not the end of the story. The Distributor Management software is also designed to work hand-in-hand with Innovative Consulting Services’ Warehouse Management System. This allows the Sage 100 user to track by Lot, by multi-bin and so much more.

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