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Manufacturer / Processor Management

Manufacturer Software


  • Manufacture in Batches

  • Manufacture with Small Quantities

  • Conversion Factor

  • Specialized Lot Attributes

  • System Generated Lot Codes

  • Lot Detail

  • Production Labels

Bill of Materials is the heart of all manufacturing systems and when the product is food, nutraceuticals, or related products, it is no different. However, system functions such as, production in batches, conversion functions and several others are required when working with this type of product. That is why Crescent has developed a system that works in compliance with these specific functions to make food manufacturers and processors job easier.

Industry Leading Manufacturing Technology

Manufacture in Batches

  • Manufacture in batches that vary in size and are consumed in multiple finished goods 

Specialized Lot Attributes

  • Create user-defined fields for lot attributes such as expiration date, color, grade, brix, variety, etc.

  • Easy to view and maintain from cost detail

  • Can be updated during reciept entry


Manufacture Small Quantities

  • Manufacture with small and large amounts of component items


28856 75 889

System Generated Lot Codes

  • System generated lot codes that meet food industry requirements, produced within the production process

  • Based on system data

  • Location specific (option available)

  • Prevents duplicates across all products

Conversion Factor

  • Conversion factors for materials which are consumed in one unit of measure but must be maintained in a different unit of measure (i.e. water)


Lot Detail

  • Lot Details are captured from the production line


Production Labels

  • Production labels are printed on demand on the production line

  • Includes system-generated lot codes

  • Includes lot details captured during production 


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