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 client.  Through Crescent, Sage was enhanced to provide food-industry functionality such as Catch-weight Shipping and Receiving, Picking by Route, Fuel Surcharge, and other features.  As time went on, the company has continued to enhance its software to cater to each new client within the industry. After 20 years of innovation, Crescent has finally packaged this solution and made it available to Sage 100 ERP resellers like you.


Sage Software, Inc. is the leader in the Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning software industry, and the software speaks for itself in terms of its capabilities. However the Sage 100 ERP solution was never meant to address the needs of food based companies. Over the last ten years the food management businesses have become more complex, creating need for a higher level of functionality from their business management software. Sage ERP 100 fits this need.  However, Sage's lack of an integrated Food Management software proved to be a significant deficiency for small to mid-size businesses.


Crescent software provides just that with industry specific features like, Catch Weight Conversion Factors, Lot Traceability, Grower Accounting, Field Tracking, Pack-Out-Reporting, batch manufacturing and much more. As the FDA becomes more stringent with regulations it is becoming increasingly more important for food based companies to have a strong ERP solution to track and manage inventory through these types of features. Crescent comes custom tailored with features specific to the Grower, Packer/Shipper, Manufacturer, Processor, and Distributor industries. Finally Crescent has brought the food management software Sage 100 resellers have been waiting for.

Not only do we provide Sage resellers this software to offer to their customers, but we also provide a wide range of services to our resellers to assist in selling this solution to their food customers. We understand the importance of keeping a limited amount of companies involved in the sales process so we have put an emphasis on empowering our resellers to sell the product to their own customers if desired.  To provide our resellers with the proper tools in selling this solution to customers, we have launched both sales and product training programs specifically for our resellers.

Crescent Reseller Program


Crescent is pleased to present our Partner Program for Crescent Software.  The goal of this program is to ensure mutual success with Food-related clients in the Sage 100 ERP marketspace.  We believe that success can follow different paths depending on a partner’s experience and resources.  Of the three options detailed below, we’d like to help you to determine which one fits your organization best.  Whether your team is large or small,  we want to support you in servicing all your Food-related clients’ needs.

Crescent Reseller Program

Groundbreaking Food Based Software for Sage 100 ERP:

Crescent announces the release of Crescent Food Management software for Sage 100 ERP. A solution that will open the Sage 100 ERP door to food based companies for the first time.

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Crescent Reseller Program Overview

Our reseller program is broken up into three levels that fit each resellers interest and desired involvement. Find what works for you.

Crescent Reseller Program

Sage Food Management Software

Crescent Reseller Program Specifications Sheet:

For a deeper understanding of how this program can work for you, take a look through our list of tier level specifications


Sage Food Management Software

We are proud to announce the release of our new Crescent Food Management software to Sage resellers. A solution that will open the door to Sage 100 ERP for your food based customers and leads. Previously, companies in food-related businesses wanting to implement Sage 100 ERP had to choose between either purchasing separate ERP software or running their operations outside of Sage ERP. As a result Sage 100 ERP resellers have had to turn away food customers, such as Grower/Packers, Manufacturer/Processors, or distributors. We saw this need back in 1995 with our first Distribution 

When you partner with Crescent, you are gaining much more than just a premier food solution to provide to your customers but an ongoing relationship with Crescent SCS.


 If you have any questions or think you may be interested in partnering with us now please feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to assist you.



Crescent is a custom line of food based accounting and ERP solutions tailored for Growers, Packer/Shippers, Manufacturer/Processors, and Distributors. What sets Crescent software apart is its unique set of custom features customized to suite each industry's specific needs. Not only that but Crescent software streamlines operations from shipping to receiving. Take a deeper look at our line of custom Food Management solutions. 

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