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Core Natural



CORE™ Nutrition is a  beverage manufacturer  located in Los Angeles, CA.  The company was inspired by the body, created to be perfectly in sync with the body’s optimal pH of 7.4. To produce this ultra purified water with perfectly balanced pH, electrolytes, and minerals, CORE™ Hydration uses very specific patented processes during production.

From its debut in  January 2015 the water manufacturer soon gained mass popularity and outgrew its QuickBooks accounting software completely. It needed a much more robust ERP solution, in addition to a Manufacturing solution, to handle it’s now larger operations.




Phase I: Sage Implementation

Core turned to Crescent in March 2015 to assist in installing Sage 100 ERP software. The company was still growing but needed a solution quickly. As a result, Crescent ensured implementation of the software in minimal time, despite limited staff at the company. Within a month, Core successfully migrated from QuickBooks to Sage 100, stabilizing their accounting processes which added visibility to their inventory resulting in accurate financial statements.


Phase II: Crescent Software

Following the Sage 100 implementation, Core embarked on phase two of the project, which was the implementation of Crescent Food Management software. Once the software was implemented by Crescent, Core was immediately able to take advantage of Crescent’s Bill of Materials formula Management for production, and Warehouse Transfer Order to better control the flow of inventory.


Crescent Solutions

Once the implementation was complete, Core was extremely happy with the results. Zachary Taylor, Controller at Core™ Nutrition commented:

 “I’m happy that I chose Sage, and very happy that I chose ICS (now Crescent SCS) for implementation. Sage has provided us the solid foundation we needed for our operational and financial reporting needs and [Crescent] has been there with consulting and technical assistance throughout the entire migration process. The migration to Sage 100 has been a great success.”




Core Natural Case Study


Core Natural needed the ability to do all of the following:

  • Had outgrown their current software (QuickBooks), as it was not capable of handling their current operations

  • No visibility to inventory and what was going on in the warehouse

  • System producing inaccurate financial statements

  • No method to control the flow of inventory through the warehouse

  • No way of managing high volume manufacturing activities



Here are just some of the solutions Crescent provided them:

  • Crescent Implemented Sage 100 to replace QuickBooks, which allowed for more robust financial reporting and inventory tracking

  • Crescent software allowed for further assistance in inventory tracking and management capabilities

  • Core was able to use Crescent Bill of Materials Recipe feature to better manage manufacturing activities


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