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Losurdo Foods 



Losurdo Foods, Inc. was founded in 1959 by Mr. and Mrs. Losurdo Sr. Mr. Michael Losurdo developed a passion for cheese making at the age of seven in the back of his parent’s Lodi, NJ store. He later developed a customer base of his own as he began making cheeses for local stores and pizzerias, in his late teens. After getting his feet wet in the pizza industry, Michael decided to expand to providing his customers everything they needed beyond cheeses. He and his wife Mary, soon became distributors of tomatoes, cheese, flour, and other related items. About two years later Losurdo Foods, Inc. was founded and is a leading manufacturer and distributor of Italian style food products to this day. 



As the company continued to grow, the manual procedures for managing manufacturer operations  became a bottleneck and prevented them from being able to efficiently perform company operations like tracking weighted items in two units of measure, effectively managing price changes, route scheduling, dock appointment scheduling and more.


Crescent Solutions

Mr. Losurdo turned to Crescent to help resolve these issues.  We first customized Losurdo's Sage software to integrate the Manufacturer/Distributor specific features needed for company operations. Losurdo found the Catch weight item features especially helpful, in allowing items to be priced according to weight, even though they were sold in units. 

Losurdo saw the difference in productivity immediately. Simple procedures like cost fluctuation controls no longer were a bottleneck for the company. Losurdo later found the fuel surcharge calculation feature to be quite helpful, as the price of gas was escalating the company was able to manage it. 


Crescent Software is based on Sage 100 ERP, industry-leading accounting and ERP software Crescent software provides comprehensive solutions for Growers, Packers/Shippers, Manufacturers, Processors and Distributors. Through many years of experience our team has developed a select group of solutions tailored to fit each industry’s specific needs. Crescent designs, develops and implements premier software systems specialized for the Food Industry, with an emphasis on Grower Accounting, Lot Tracking, ‘Field-to-Fork’ traceability, Production Maintenance, Warehouse Automation and Product Costing. Crescent provides software and expertise that can streamline operations from receiving to production to storage to shipping.



Losurdo needed the ability to do all of the following:

  • Maintain a customer's pricing

  • Track weighted items in two units of measure

  • Ensure profitablity through an effective price change management system

  • Simplify Route Scheduling

  • Calculate Fuel Surcharge

  • Pickup & Delivery Dock Appointment scheduling



Here are just some of the solutions Crescent provided them:

  • As costs flucuated, pricing could be controlled without the wild fluctuations inherent in FIFO inventory

  • Catch Weight item feature allowed items to be priced according to weight, even though they are sold in units

  • Fuel Surcharge Calculation features was especially helpful, as the price of gas was escalating

  • Efficient picking and loading, they were able to pick product consolidated by route then load delivery trucks by stop. Eliminating steps and providing cross-checks.

Losurdo Case Study

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