Sage Alerts & Workflows

Do you need to...

  • . . . automate invoicing, statement delivery, or purchase order          generation?

  • . . . send alerts about clients who are past due?

  • . . . be notified about leases and contracts about to expire?

  • . . . keep on top of POs awaiting approval?

  • . . . know when a repeat customer stops buying?

  • . . . be alerted to items running low in inventory

  • . . . tell clients about deliveries that are going to be late?

  • . . . be notified about vendor price increases or variances?

  • . . . prevent low profit margin sales?

  • . . . eliminate duplicate items in inventory?

  • . . . know when major clients change their buying habits?

  • . . . be notified when a client’s credit limit or status has                        changed?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, Sage Alerts & Workflows is for you!


Sage Alerts & Workflows:

  1. Monitors ERP data for critical, time-sensitive conditions and activities

  2. Alerts people to those conditions & activities.D

  3. Delivers relevant forms, documents and reports.D

  4. Responds to those conditions by updating applications with what has happened, and what has to happen.

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