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Are you taking advantage of Sage Time & Sage Payroll Full Service?

Introducing Sage Time and Sage Payroll (Full Service)

for HRMS users!

 Free up your time and resources with a cloud-based, payroll processing, and tax filing service with Sage Payroll & get a better hold on employee management with Sage Time! These two great solutions have been brought to you by Sage to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your Sage software to ensure your business runs smoothly.

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Sage Time

Accurately capture labor hours and reduce compliance risk all in the cloud!

Payroll typically accounts for 60% of operating costs (1) in an organization. Sage Time offers you an automated way to capture time and attendance. This cloud-based solution enables your organization to eliminate "wasted labor minutes" from employee time theft and approximations. It also reduces the potential for human error, and helps the payroll department be more efficient and productive.

Benefits of Sage Time include:

  • Payroll integration Labor processes integrate with your payroll solution, eliminating duplicate data entry.

  • Instant access Mobile time and attendance information access, geofencing restricts employees clocking in and out and geographical tracking reports employee location.

  • Dashboard Multiple tasks can be tracked in one centralized dashboard

  • Customized reporting capabilities.


1- Source: Small Business, Houston Chronicle. i


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Sage Payroll (Full service)

As mentioned previously, payroll is responsible for a good chunk of your operating costs (approx 60%), which means there is a lot of time dedicated to managing those costs. Why not focus your time and energy elsewhere and leave Payroll to a trusted professional? That's where Sage Payroll Full Service comes in.

Benefits of Sage Payroll include:

  • Exceptional service We’ll pair you with a dedicated certified payroll professional1 who has, on average,  more than ten years’ experience. You’ll also get access to unlimited customer service.  No wonder our net promoter score is one of the highest

  • Minimal risks Stay compliant with government regulations by letting the experts file your taxes on your behalf. If you incur a penalty or fine due to our error, we’ll take responsibility for paying it

  • Accessibility You can access payroll from anywhere as our web-based platform lets you log on with ease from your PC or mobile device anywhere you have Internet access.  

  •  Flexibility You can pay your employees through direct deposit, paper checks, or pay cards—it’s  your choice

View Sage Payroll Spec Sheet

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