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Field Traceability

  • Record Field ID and related information as product is received

  • Pass that information through production to the packed product

  • Easily retrieve Lot Sales  History for recall


Product Receiving

  • Automatic Labeling of Received Product

  • Entry via handheld computers


Shipping Management

  • Scan Shipments

  • Dock Management

  •  No-Show Reporting

  •  Automated shipping notifications


  • Automated Holdover Calculation

  • Estimated Inventory Reporting

  • Multiple Location Tracking

  • Extended Lot Criteria Reporting


Barcode Labeling

  • Receipts

  • Produced Product

  • Bulk Shipping (Calculates Tare & Net Weight


Shipping Entry Screen

Crescent Software

Buyer / Grower P/O Entry Screen

Packer / Shipper Management


Based on Sage Software, an industry-leader in Enterprise management and accounting software, the Grower/Packer management software provides streamlined operational processes that utilize barcode scanning technology that seamlessly feed invoicing and grower accounting systems. With a ‘more than just software’ approach, ICS brings in-depth knowledge of the highly demanding agricultural distribution environment.

Crescent Software
Crescent Software
Crescent Software

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Crescent Solutions

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  • Production Staging

  •  Production Entry

  • Production Run  Maintenance

  • Pack Out Reporting

  •  Automated Labeling for Inventory



  • Pack-Out

  • Field Traceability

  • Product Receiving

  • Shipping Management

  • Inventory Control

  • Barcode Labeling

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