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Crescent WMS

Manufacturer Lot Tracking

For companies who must be FDA compliant but don't want to or can't change their valuation method Crescent has developed a customized lot tracking module to meet their needs:

  • Track lots and related criteria (such as expiration dates, Certificates of Analysis, and other pertinent data) regardless of valuation method

Pallet Tracking

For warehouses that handle inventory mostly as whole pallets Crescent WMS provides the following capabilities:

  • Streamline the scanning processes from receiving and put-away all the way to shipping

  • Produce flexible pallet tracking reports and make managing inventory by pallet an efficient option

Inter-warehouse Transfer Scheduling

  • Enter and schedule transfers between warehouses

  • Print Bill of Lading for Out-bound Transfers

  • Scan Shipment of Out-bound Transfers

  • Track In-transit inventory

  • Generate a report of Expected Transfers

Order Processing and Shipping

  • Scan items as they are picked

  • Automate movement of inventory items to staging location

  • Simultaneously pick orders at the same time as other users

  • Print Bill of Lading report

  • Automatically create ASN files to EDI 865

FIFO Inventory Rotation

  • Track bin locations by FIFO inventory rotation

  • Receive automated warnings of incorrect bin selection

  • Receive automated updates of issues - pulled from oldest location

Physical Count Management

  • Track and manage inventory seamlessly with automatic records of counts by bin location, verification counts, and printed bin labels

  • Included reports: Missing Counts report, Item Recount worksheet, pre-downloaded Variance report

  • Summarize counts and update directly to Sage Physical Count for Variance register

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Recognized as the most full feature WMS native to Sage 100, Crescent WMS delivers a comprehensive set of features that boost productivity, increase customer satisfaction, shorten order fulfillment times, support best practices, and offer complete traceability of inventory throughout multiple warehouses. 

In this complete WMS solution, users can streamline distribution operations from receiving all the way through to shipping. Utilize multi-bin capabilities, scanning and label printing, cycle counts, and much more all in one solution. 

Case Studies

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