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How your Business can Save a Tree and Go Green with Sage 100 2015!

Everyone who owns their own business ultimately wants to save time and reduce costs. What if we told you Sage 100 could help you do just that, while also saving the environment? Sage has added powerful paperless capabilities to its Sage 100 solution to help users go paperless. Don’t think having paper around is such a big deal? According to, “the cost of actually using paper—taking electricity and ink into account—is actually 13 to 31 times the initial price of the paper itself”. That’s a lot of unnecessary money out of your pocket each year.

Here are just a few reasons why you should choose Sage to help your business go paperless:

  • Improve productivity and security by archiving reports in a searchable and secure digital format

  • Improve communication with vendors and customers through electronic distribution

  • Save space by eliminating the need for paper files (and their storage costs)

  • Take corporate social responsibility and save the environment, while lowering costs and saving time

How can using Sage 100 to go paperless improve productivity and efficiency in my business?

Sage has developed a Paperless Office system to help your business store, receive, and distribute all your information digitally. Paperless Office allows you to save all your documents in PDF format. So if you or any of your employees ever needs to access a file you would simply retrieve your documents through the built in PDF Viewer, which enables you to locate documents by any combination of keywords and location. By eliminating the need to sift through hours of paperwork to find the documents you need, you’ll save time, and ultimately money. These capabilities create increased productivity by allowing employees to find or input documents to fulfill order needs in a much more efficient manner. In addition, access to critical or sensitive documents, such as period end reports and journals, is kept on record preventing the possibility of loss or damage to your valuable printed records. Then when you are ready to distribute documents such as Sales Orders or Receivable Invoices you can simply email or fax these documents, reducing time to recipient and improving distribution recording.

How can it also lower my costs?

By replacing your manual invoices and other important documents with a paperless process like Sage 100 ERP Paperless Office, you’ll reduce the cost of distribution, labor, and storage. Distribution costs are automatically lowered with this solution by eliminating the cost of postage and paper, not to mention ensuring prompt payments down the road. You’ll also decrease time your employees are spending on finding paper documents and any costs you may incur for the loss of those files. Then finally storage costs are dramatically decreased as you’ll be rid of all the bins, cabinets, and other paper-storing furniture taking up space in the office. Or if you’re a big business with a large amount of paper documents, you’ll save money by getting rid of any storage spaces you rent to store those documents and save time by eliminating all document-seeking trips to those locations.

Save a Tree & Go Green!

Many companies these days are going green, not only to show they are socially responsible, but to also save the environment; and who knew saving the environment could be so cost effective? Going green could not only improve productivity, efficiencies, and profits in your business, but it could set you apart from your competitors! In the eyes of a consumer, knowing they’re buying from an environmentally friendly business gives them a sense of purpose in the sense that, in a way, they’re helping the environment by buying from an environmentally conscious company (that’s you). Not only that, but you’ll be saving the lives of millions of trees, which we need to breathe. So breathe easy and improve your business! Go paperless with Sage 100!

For more information about Sage software and how it can help your specific business needs, contact us at Crescent SCS by calling (562) 981-0125 or by sending an email to You can also visit us online at

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