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How to ensure your Business Manages its Costs and Payroll Effectively!

It’s important to have a good management system in place!

The reason management is so important in a business is because there would be no structure if management weren’t a factor. Luckily, there are great management system solutions like Sage Project and Time Management to help you manage your business. Sage Project and Time Management offers you the flexibility and control you need to make business processes, like payroll, much simpler and cost effective. You’ll be able to cut costs by using Project and Time Management paperless features, view and manage project budgets and costs, and ensure accurate payroll distribution to your employees. Not to mention it is compatible with Sage 100 business management solutions to further improve your business’ efficiency. Sage Project and Time Management offers three unique modules to help you manage your business and improve your management system: Payroll, Job Cost, and TimeCard.

These three modules can help you to:

  • reduce errors and save time by automating your payroll system

  • maintain a birds eye view of project productivity and return on investment

  • ensure efficiency in time card reporting by automating your system

Sage Payroll

The Payroll module takes the hassle and time-consuming steps of a manual payroll system out of your business equation. With Sage Payroll, you can expect to see an increase in productivity and a decrease in errors, resulting in happier employees. You can also begin to see a decrease in costs associated with the payroll module in that it has a Direct Deposit feature which adds both cost effectiveness and convenience for your employees. The payroll module can also be integrated with Sage HRMS for more advanced planning and tracking of employee benefits. Payroll offers unique features like allowing you to process earnings for each employee for more than one tax jurisdiction every pay period, the ability to print out individual paychecks, or reserving employee information like yearly earnings, tax deductions, and personal information. This can be helpful when submitting your W-2 forms on short or immediate notice. You also have the ability to submit W-2 forms electronically through Payroll.

Sage Job Cost

Specifically designed for the construction and project oriented industries, the Job Cost module allows you to easily manage and track jobs and projects within your business. With Job Cost, you will have the ability to see productivity and return on investment quickly with your jobs and projects. This module allows you to fulfill all billing requirements whether you are on a completed contract or percentage of completion. Also, to ensure your jobs maintain profitability throughout the duration of the project, you will be able to manage and control your job and labor costs along the way of each job. Job Cost even offers a feature called Business Alerts where your business will be alerted of any changes made to jobs or projects. You can also better manage and control your project costs by integrating other useful Sage modules with Job Cost to ensure communication of the budget and costs are understood across your business. This means that your accounting department will be interconnected with the jobsite to ensure you are staying on budget and to ensure any adjustments made are approved by your accounting/finance department. Job Cost can be integrated through Sage’s General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, TimeCard, Inventory Management, Sales Order, and Purchase Order modules.

Sage TimeCard

The TimeCard module is a flexible addition to the Payroll and Job Cost modules. TimeCard is tightly integrated in Payroll so that you are able to determine what to pay your employees for their time worked. In order to determine payout, TimeClock automates your payroll system by having employees punch in and out of work, sometimes doing so automatically if employees forget or are unable to. TimeClock also tracks employee sick days, leave of absence, overtime, or paid vacation dates to ensure you are receiving the right employee information when it comes to submitting payroll checks. As for TimeCard’s integration with the Job Cost module, employees have the ability to submit a job number or code independently from Payroll through TimeCard to enable you to have the most accurate, up-to-date information on your job and project cost information.

Make sure your business is under good management!

It is important to make sure that your business is running on a good time and project management system because managing these individual components properly can have a huge impact not only on your bottom line but efficient operations within the company. With business management solutions like Sage’s Project and Time Management modules, your business will begin to see the difference automated processes and increased communication and collaboration among employees can have. With these modules in place, your employees are held accountable for the hours they work (through Time Card), can submit current project costs and progress (through job cost), and can go home with complete and accurate paychecks (with Payroll). With effective management solutions like this, your business will be running smooth and increasing profits in no time!

Still Have Questions?

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