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Benefits of Direct Deposit for Your Employees and the Environment

Direct deposit has become the most popular method of receiving payment among employees. With three out of four employees in the United States choosing direct deposit, every business should consider using Sage 100 to accommodate their employees. With Sage’s Direct Deposit software you offer a faster and more secure method of paying employees, while saving time and money. Not to mention the many benefits of your business going green.

How does adding Direct Deposit to your Sage 100 help save time and money for a business?

First and foremost the time spent on preparing payroll is vastly reduced when utilizing Sage 100 software. With Sage 100 Direct Deposit you have the ability to automate manual time consuming processes when running payroll. You virtually reduce all time spent by your payroll staff in manually preparing checks - writing, signing, folding, stuffing, and delivering the checks to employees. Time that can be much better utilized elsewhere. Not only that but Sage 100 Direct Deposit has the powerful potential to save you money by reducing costs associated with re-issuing lost or stolen checks, stop payment charges that may be levied by a bank, investigation fees when a check is missing and the costs of purchasing envelopes and checks.

How can Direct Deposit improve employee morale?

By eliminating the long lines at the bank or ATM, and the gas consumption spent to drive there, the convenience of direct deposit makes for happy employees. Employees no longer have to be in the office to receive their paychecks but can be assured that their money is sitting safely in their checking or savings account while out of the office for any reason. With Sage 100 Direct Deposit software employees also have the unique ability to choose a split disbursement between multiple accounts if desired. This can be an attractive feature for employees who have numerous bank accounts and different institutions they belong to. Once processed, employees also have the powerful capability to view their own direct deposit pay stubs through the password-protected employee self-service viewer; allowing your employees to stay on top of everything with the click of a button.

How does adding Direct Deposit to your Sage 100 help the environment?

Sage 100 processes employee paychecks and produces an ACH (Automated Clearing House) file that routs to the employee’s financial institution without having to use any paper. By choosing direct deposit over a paper check, you are reducing your company’s carbon footprint by saving paper, avoiding the release of waste water and eliminating the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. So you can make sure your company is running as efficient as possible

Still have questions?

For more information about Sage software and how it can help your specific business needs, contact us at Crescent SCS by calling (562) 981-0125 or by sending an email to You can also visit us online at

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