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Your HRMS could mean the Difference between Losing Employees and Keeping them!

Employees are an investment, make sure you take care of them!

Employees are the building blocks of a company and a highly skilled staff is essential to a profitable business. These skilled employees need to be attracted and retained in order for you to run your business well. If you don’t have the proper HR system in place, keeping your employees engaged and retained in your business may be a difficult task.

What an HRMS solution can do for you?

Having a great HRMS system in place can help you to:

  • Automate your HR system

  • Comply with government regulations

  • Increase employee empowerment

Automating HR

By automating your business’s HR system, you can help your HR team eliminate redundant administrative tasks, like filing paperwork, which frees up their time to take care of your employees and other pressing tasks. It also helps you to eliminate paper and reduces administrative errors like double data entry, since your HRMS system will only be in one central location.

Government compliance

By having an HRMS system in place, you can improve the visibility of your employees in regards to keeping track of and regularly updating their records in order to comply with government regulations (i.e. maintaining healthcare availability, managing employee benefits, etc.). Providing you with peace of mind in knowing you’ve dramatically reduced your risk for fines or lawsuits regarding certain government regulations. For example, the Affordable Care Act requires that your company provides affordable health care for all full time employees and if your business does not comply, it could be fined a substantial amount of money. With an available HRMS system to view which employees are full-time and how much healthcare they can afford, you will be able to provide the correct and affordable healthcare options to satisfy government regulations, while also keeping your employees happy by providing affordable healthcare packages.

Find out more about compliance with the Affordable Care Act using Sage HRMS in this blog.

Employee Empowerment and Engagement

Most importantly, having a good HRMS system in place gives your employees positive engagement and empowerment. For instance, with an HRMS system you can provide self-service portals where employees can choose and observe their benefits or their payroll information all online. This gives your employees the feeling of empowerment in that they have control over their benefit plans and information and can access it at any time.

What does Sage HRMS have to offer as an HRMS solution?

Sage offers you the ability to manage all your HR tasks in one place. It not only provides all of the basic HRMS benefits listed above, but also offers additional unique features like:

  1. Benefits Enrollment –This feature takes employees through the benefit application process so that they can manage their benefits later in the Sage Employee Self-Service feature.

  2. Benefits Messenger- This feature automates the communication of employee benefit enrollment with insurance agencies, which eliminates the need for paper forms or duplicate data entries.

  3. Sage Time and Attendance- This feature allows you to keep track of all your employees hours in real time to give you a more accurate payroll.

  4. Sage HRMS Cyber Train- This feature enables you to manage and schedule all of your employee training requirements.

  5. Sage HRMS Cyber Recruiter- With this feature you can manage and communicate all recruiting information online and eliminate the need for redundant administrative tasks. This can also help in an effort to reduce costs since it reduces the use of paper in the recruiting process and speeds up the time to recruit and fill job positions.

All of these features can be integrated in your HRMS solution. With Sage HRMS you will begin to see:

  • Maximum return on your employee investment

  • More skilled workers drawn to your business

  • Streamlined processes resulting in more focus on strategic problems and compliance with government regulations

So, put a good HRMS system in place today!

Ensuring that your employees are taken care of can help both to improve your business success by creating more happy employees and ensuring your business stays socially responsible and in compliance with government regulations. Having a good HRMS system, like Sage HRMS, can allow you to use added benefits that no other company can offer, like Sage HRMS Cyber Train which could help you retain some of your skilled employees. It also helps your business to save money and improve productivity with the ability to streamline and automate business processes that were unattainable with a manual HR system. So, make the investment in an HRMS system and see your business progress!

Still Have Questions?

For more information about Sage software and how it can help your specific business needs, contact us at Crescent SCS by calling (562) 981-0125 or by sending an email to You can also visit us online at

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