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Sage 100 2016 Release Blog

Sage 100 2016

Running your business has never been easier with Sage 100. With Sage’s all new 2016 release, users are able to all around more seamlessly run their business processes. Released in November 2015, Sage 100 2016 includes over 25 enhancements to help you stay compliant, more easily enter data, set preferences, print or customize reports, and automate sales order expiration dates. With this year’s release, customers also have the opportunity to move to brand new Sage 100c software, Below, is a comprehensive list of all the enhancements Sage 100 2016 has to offer.

Affordable Care Act Requirements:

Quite possibly the most important of the enhancements introduced this last year are all the new Affordable Care Act (ACA) compliance updates. With version 2016 you can be sure your business is in compliance with all new ACA requirements.

  • Change period end processing to retain ACA records and terminated employees until the purging of perpetual payroll history

  • Store employee/employer data for 1094 and 1099B/C forms

  • Transmit ACA data to Aatrix through .AUF for 1094/1095-B/C compliance

  • Apply employee maintenance Sort field data to .AUF file to allow for sorting of W-2s with Aatrix

  • Select whether to use the 1094 or 1095 forms when printing forms in Federal eFiling and Reporting

  • Enter values in the new Policy Origin Code field to print on Form 1095-B in part I, field 8 when printing forms in Federal eFiling and Reporting

  • Select the following check boxes on Form 1094-C in Part II, section 22 when printing forms in Federal eFiling and Reporting:

- Qualifying offer method

- Qualifying offer method transition relief

- Section 4980H transition relief

- 98% offer method

Easy-to-use data entry and preference settings:

Sage 100 has made data entry easier than ever by creating preference settings that give users a number of options to customize their Sage 100 software to comply with their specific needs. Not only that, but Sage has also made it easier for users to change these personalization settings without having to go into Library Master.

  • Add and print extended item descriptions for miscellaneous items

  • Add extended item description for lines in the Accounts Receivable data entry and invoice entry tasks

  • Choose whether or not to automatically insert decimal points when entering quantities

  • Set preferences using the new user settings window such as the default zoom level for previewing reports

  • Select whether you want to use the standard or classic desktop and—if you have the appropriate security setup—a theme for task windows

  • Allow for purchase order numbers of up to 30 characters with windows and tabs that expand accordingly

  • Allow for greater security with an expanded 128-character password field in the SMTP email server

  • Schedule the generation and printing of reports—and export and import data in Visual Integrator—using Task Scheduler

  • Resize and anchor controls have been added to the Custom Office module so that you can resize a field to specify whether an object’s position changes based on window resizing or if it remains fixed relative to an anchor point

Improved Accounts Payable reporting and printing

Sage 100 2016 has improved Accounts Payable reporting capabilities by allowing users to further define what and how each report is printed.

  • The Accounts Payable Aged Invoice Report window now includes an electronic payment vendors field so you can specify whether vendors with the electronic payment check box selected in vendor maintenance are:

  • Included on the aged invoice report

  • Excluded from the report

  • The only invoices printed on the report

  • You can specify whether the Accounts Payable Aged Invoice Report will be printed in landscape view with an 8-point font size or in portrait view with a 6-point font size, using a new print condensed check box

Automate sales order expiration dates and simplify data entry

Sage 100 2016 has automated the Sales Order entry process to store data more efficiently, in addition to enhancing usability.

  • Choose a default period for expiration of sales orders that will automatically be set or overridden and replaced when needed

  • The check number field in Sales Order Entry and Invoice Data Entry has been expanded from 6 to 10 characters

Improved user experience with Sage Fixed Assets

With so many helpful tools to help users learn about the software, Sage Fixed Assets has never been easier to use. The now intuitive setup and menu options provide many custom fields that users can utilize to define how they want each presented.

  • Tasks have been reorganized and simplified

  • Features like data entry grids have been added, making data entry easier

  • Many tasks have been relocated or renamed for easier use

  • Security settings have been updated in role maintenance

New enhancements to Sage CRM

Sage CRM 7.3 can now directly integrate with Sage 100 software. Configuration is easy and the layout is simple with many different ways to choose how you want to accomplish your plan.

  • A fresh new look for managing important customer information in fewer clicks

  • Email marketing with MailChimp for sending campaigns to up to 2,000 customers a month for free

  • A new optimized experience and user interface for mobile devices

  • Added business insight with business accelerators for sales

More easily manage payments with Sage Payment Center

The installation process for Sage Payment Center is quicker and more effortless than ever before with the new visual wizard. With brand new Sage Payment technology you can view your transactions in Real-Time and offer more payment options to your customers. Overall new changes allow you to get more visibility into your business transactions.

  • Apply for payment services right in the payment center. A new visual wizard directs you through the steps to complete activation

  • Once activated, you can use the Sage Payment Center to view payment stats, including recent activity, weekly and monthly totals, and recent deposits

  • Settle daily transactions

  • View and export reports for transactions, batches, deposits, and merchant statements

  • Search for transactions by customer name, last four digits of card number, order number, reference number, and other criteria

  • Apply, activate and manage credit payments in the Sage Payment Center from your Sage 100 solution

Newly enhanced Sage Business Care plans

With technology constantly changing it is important to stay current, which is why Sage is offering its users three new Business Care plans that make it easier to stay on plan. Not only that, but new Business Care plans are now included with added capabilities within Sage.

  • More support options and discounts on services, events and more

  • Access to add-on solutions such as Sage Intelligence Reporting and Sage CRM

  • Included Sage add-on solutions to help you gain better business insight, manage customers, and enable your sales and marketing teams to win new business.

Still have questions?

For more information about Sage software and how it can help your specific business needs, contact us at Crescent SCS by calling (562) 981-0125 or by sending an email to You can also visit us online at

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