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Sage 100/100c 2018 Release

Announcing the release of Sage 100/100c 2018

The release of Sage 100/100c 2018 on October 20, 2017, offers even more system enhancements to take Sage 100/100c to the next level. You can now receive improvements to support compliance, efficiently enter data, manage warehouse information, and save time and money on barcode scanning and tethering.

Included in the 2018 release are:

  • New enhancements for JobCost 2.0 This new enhancement allows you to manage deferred revenue and expenses and improve performance and usability.

  • New enhancements for Payroll 2.0 Payroll processing is now simplified and provides you with better business intelligence and reporting.

  • Interactive Warehouse Sage 100c is redefining warehouse management by aiding your business with the ability to determine active vs. inactive warehouses in real time (Sage 100c only).

  • Spell check feature This new enhancement allows customers to gain the support to spell check their documents in several areas including: comments, memos, and messages that print on forms (Sage 100c only).

  • Sage mobility for barcode You can now optimize import record capabilities from a mobile app that helps save time and money with a modernized way to do it!

*For a more detailed report of what is included in the Sage 100/100c 2018 release, click here!

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