Crescent is a custom line of food based accounting and ERP solutions tailored for Growers, Packer/Shippers, Manufacturer/Processors, and Distributors. What sets Crescent software apart is its unique set of custom features customized to suite each industry's specific needs. Not only that but Crescent software streamlines operations from shipping to receiving. Take a deeper look at our line of custom Food Management solutions. 

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Grower/Packer Case Study: Uesugi Farms

January 7, 2015

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Four Manufacturing Challenges that Sage Software can help you eliminate!

March 10, 2016


Running a Manufacturing Business can be stressful…


As a manufacturer, you must constantly stay up to date with tracking current customer demand, scheduling and placing orders, monitoring costs, complying with industry regulations and standards, and everything else in between. Managing this all with manual processes or unfit software can be quite stressful. Luckily for you, you’re taking the time to look for new innovations to improve your businesses efficiency and we believe we can help. 


Is technology all that important for your manufacturing business?


According to a study published by IDG Research Services, 100% of manufacturing businesses that invested in technology to help them connect business insights and drive decision making saw improvement as a result of their investment. Not only that, but the study also found that 91% of manufacturing companies that invested in new technology saw improvements in automating business processes to shorten payment cycles and better manage cash flow. In other words, accounting and manufacturing software undoubtedly proves to be an essential investment for manufacturing businesses’ Success. Through the use of innovative new technology, Sage has developed industry leading software solutions to better fit each manufacturer’s needs. Whether you have a large business looking to increase market share, or a small business striving for growth, there is a Sage solution for every manufacturer size.



How Sage software can help you run your business more efficiently


What is Sage 100 software?


Sage 100 is an industry leading accounting and distribution solution designed to help business owners’ better track and manage their inventory and accounting processes. Sage provides everything necessary to operate your manufacturing business more efficiently by increasing inventory accuracy, automating manual processes, decreasing time to decision making, optimizing your inventory and production processes, and much more! The use of Sage software will not only help you in managing inventory, but it can also help you with accounting needs as well, through automating manual bookkeeping, tracking all of your orders and shipments, and improving financial management. Sage core accounting software consists of a general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, federal and state efiling and reporting, fixed assets, bank reconciliation, and many other necessary accounting resources to run your business. Additionally, Sage offers add-ons like HRMS, Payroll, and CRM software to help manage your entire business operation in one solution.


What manufacturing challenges can Sage help you overcome?


As a manufacturer in today’s competitive market you are required to be both innovative and agile with decision making to stay ahead of competitors and provide the value to customers that they require. Below are some of the key issues common among manufacturers.

  • Inability to connect business process or procedures across your organization

  • Lack of complete, accurate, and up-to-date data for proper decision making

  • Inability to see your supply chain, or inventory processes in real-time

  • Lack of communication between employees and supply chain enterprises

Sage has software and support for every aspect of the manufacturing business. Here are just a few ways Sage can help you overcome these challenges:






    What are your options for addressing these manufacturing challenges with Sage?


    1. Inability to connect business process or procedures across your organization


    As a manufacturer it’s important that all organizational business functions and processes are linked together. By linking functions that