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Cloud Computing is something to be Embraced, not Feared!

Why is cloud computing an issue for some businesses?

Some businesses fear using cloud-based computing systems because they feel there is ambiguity among its security features. Business data is not located on premise, so company’s feel they can’t ensure the protection of their data since they are relying on an outsourced server. However, what most businesses don’t realize is that cloud-based computing is a lot more secure than on-premise based data storage systems. In this blog I will take a closer look at Cloud-based security and also all the other benefits of using cloud-based servers.

Why SMB’s should start using cloud-based servers

Cloud computing provides your business with increased security in many areas. With cloud-based software employees cannot freely access, share, and download data information without permission. Sage cloud based software sets permission requirements so employees must have authorization to access certain information and must be approved to share certain information. Also with this software, company information stays on your server and can be accessed remotely, but cannot be downloaded to other devices. So employees would be blocked from downloading data onto devices like USB’s in an effort to prevent data theft.

However, despite such great security features to protect your business’s information, cloud computing offers other benefits as well. Since with cloud-based software you do not store your data information in-house, you are less likely to lose data based on equipment problems like corrupted files, fires, water damage, and all other issues that could destroy your data through software tampering on premise. With a cloud system, all of your information is backed up through the use of redundant servers. This means that all of your information will never be destroyed as it’s backed by multiple systems. Additionally, all of your data and information will be accessible through one central location. So say goodbye to data scattered across multiple platforms!

What types of clouds are there?

Depending on your business needs, there are many types of cloud servers to choose from.

Public - Although this type of cloud system is becoming popular, it may raise concerns with security since it is hosted by a third party and shared with other companies or organizations. However, it is a great way to become introduced to a cloud-based system as you can pay as you use the server rather than having to completely invest in one.

Private – Private cloud computing is the best option if you want the utmost security for your data when using a cloud system. Security is much higher in this cloud server because your company is the only company that will exist on this server. It’s good for highly-regulated companies or companies that have sensitive company information.

Hybrid – This type of cloud computing is ideal for companies that want to maintain the functions of having their data accessible on-site, but also wish to use cloud-based features so that they can access information remotely on a protected cloud server.

What can Sage Data Cloud offer me as a cloud-based server?

Sage Data Cloud, which can be either private or hybrid, offers your business mobility, flexibility, and integration with your cloud computing system. With Sage Data Cloud you will have the ability to access your data information from any place, at any time, from a secure server. Allowing you to work around the clock to complete all necessary business tasks, even after hours, and be assured your business data is safe and secure.

Sage Data Cloud is also flexible in that it offers multiple solutions to best fit what your business needs, whether it’s the integration of multiple “public clouds” or you want to move your entire business into a cloud server. Another added benefit is that if you are already a Sage customer, you can integrate your cloud computing into your other Sage solutions like Sage One, Sage accounting solutions, Sage ERP solutions, and more! This will allow for smooth business processes and better communication among departments by allowing employees to access and share information confidentially through Sage Data Cloud.

Cloud Computing is not something to be feared, but embraced!

Cloud computing is a great way for your business to access and share information across your organization, while also offering you the utmost security of your business data. Not only that, but you can reduce your costs by having your server outsourced by companies, like Sage, and eliminate any worry about maintaining software or servers in-house. Plus, not having your data accessible in-house prevents possible data theft or loss. So, take the stress out of managing your business information and put it into the secure hands of a cloud computing server.

Still have questions?

For more information about Sage software and how it can help your specific business needs, contact us at Crescent SCS by calling (562) 981-0125 or by sending an email to You can also visit us online at

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